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The toolbar is the line of buttons along the top on the screen, with little pictures on. Here is what some of them do.

picture of Back button You might not like where a link takes you. Don't worry. The Back button is near the top left-hand corner of your computer screen. Click on this button, and you will be taken back to the previous webpage. Click again to go back another step, and so on. The Forward button (next to the Back button) is useful if you click too many times on the Back button, and overshoot your target. Click on it to undo the last 'Back'.

picture of Home button The Home button is near the middle of the upper part of your screen. When a computer connects to the internet, the first webpage is that computer's homepage. Click on the Home button to get back to your computer's homepage from any other webpage. Sometimes the Back button doesn't work, but the Home button always will.

Rather confusingly, there are two meanings to 'homepage'. While your first internet page on your computer is your computer's homepage, websites on the internet usually have their own homepage. This means the first webpage of their website. A link on a webpage saying Homepage or Home will take you to the start of that website.

picture of Print button If you wish to print out a webpage, make sure the printer is switched on and loaded with paper. Then click the Print button. If you can't see the Print button, then click on 'File' (top left of screen), then 'Print', then 'OK'. Public internet access points may charge for print. Check with the receptionist.

When you click on Print, the whole webpage gets printed out - not just the screen that you're looking at. Some webpages are very long! So be careful, and always scroll down to the bottom of the webpage before printing, so that you know what to expect. You can print part of a webpage.
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