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This is not a real scroll bar! Sometimes a webpage is too long to fit on a screen. In that case, you will see a 'scroll bar' at the right of the screen, which will look like a longer version of the picture to the right (which is not a real scroll bar!)

Moving up and down a webpage is called scrolling. Click on the tiny 'down' (down) arrowhead which you can see at the bottom of the scroll bar. This will let you scroll down through the whole of any webpage, to see beyond what is visible now on the screen. If you keep the left-hand mouse button pressed down while the mouse points to this arrow, the webpage will scroll continuously. Click on the 'up' (up) at the head of the scroll bar, to go upwards.

Using the scroll bar will work on all webpages. However, the scroll bar can be fiddly to use, especially if you are not very good with the mouse. There is an easier way to scroll down a webpage. Tap on the Down arrow key (down) which is at the lower right of the keyboard. Tap on the Up arrow key (down) to go up. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on all webpages.

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