Useful Tips - Increase Text Size
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If you wear glasses, you may find it difficult to read a computer screen. You might find it easier if the writing (or text) on the screen was bigger.

Click on 'View' at the top of the screen (in small writing!). Then click on 'Text Size' (or 'Fonts') for a choice of different sizes. Click on 'Largest' to make type in any webpage much larger. There may be a button on the toolbar to do this.

Unfortunately pictures stay the same size (and some writing in webpages are technically pictures), and the toolbar and address bar stay small.

Less will show on the screen, so you will have to scroll down more.

Once you've clicked on 'Largest', it will stay like this. If you are on a public internet access point, when you've finished, please click on 'View', 'Text Size' and 'Medium' for the next person.

Some people even prefer to have the writing smaller, so click on 'Small' or 'Smallest'. The advantage of this is that you get more on a screen, if you can read the writing!
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