Useful Tips - Working Offline
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Using the internet can be expensive, especially if you are paying for connect time per minute.

If you are using your own computer, then there are different deals with the various ISPs, and you might be able to find a better one. If you use the internet a lot, it may be worth switching to a deal which gives unlimited access for a flat fee, or switch to broadband. The situation changes very fast, so ask for advice from lots of people.

If you are not on broadband and your ISP charges for phone calls, you can save money by working offline. You can disconnect from the internet without shutting down Internet Explorer (or Mozilla). This stops the phone call, but means you can carry on looking at the webpage you are on. You will even find that the Back and Forward buttons will work, but you won't be able to follow a link to any new webpage.

You can always print a webpage, or download it.

Many email accounts let you can read and write emails offline. You log onto the internet only to send or receive email. Your ISP will advise you. Web-based email accounts cannot be used offline, but you can always copy emails to a word processor, disconnect, read them and compose replies, connect to the internet again, paste replies into the email form and send them.
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