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What you see on the screen may be only part of a webpage. To see the whole of a webpage, scroll through it.

A webpage may be only part of a website, which is nothing but a collection of webpages. If so, the webpage will have links to other parts of the website. Remember, the Back button brings you back from wherever a link takes you. Sometimes when you click on a link a new window opens.

Common website links:
  • There is usually a link to the website homepage or first page. Don't confuse this with your computer's homepage.
  • A site map of a website shows which webpages it has, like an index.
  • A website may have a site search. This is like an internet search engine, except it doesn't go outside the website.
  • There may be a contact or feedback, so you can get in touch with the website.
If you look on the left, you will find some of this website's links.

So now you need some practice! Try exploring this site. Click on any links. You might end up in other websites.
To return to this website, click on the Back button (possibly several times!)
Or you can type into the address box.
Here are some other ways to get back to where you want.
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