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You found a wonderful webpage last week and you want to find it again. Where is it? This sounds stupid, but everyone who uses the web does it sooner or later! The first is obvious, but easy to forget. Every webpage has a web address. If you find a good webpage, write the web address down!

picture of Favorites button If you are on your own computer, you can make a web address one of your 'Favorites'. While on the webpage, click on the 'Favorites' button and click on 'Add'. Next time you want that website, click on 'Favorites' and select that website to see it again. Each computer has its own 'Favorites' list. Mozilla uses 'Bookmark' rather than 'Favorite', but it works the same. picture of History button

If you forgot to make the site a 'Favorite', then try clicking on the 'History' button. This lists all web addresses that computer has visited recently.

Both 'Favorites' and 'History' buttons open up a new window on the left of the screen. When you've finished, click on closing History and Favorite windows at the top right of its window to get rid of it.

If you visited the site in this session, try the
tiny arrow between the Back and Forward buttons.
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