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It's very easy to lose parts of your screen with Internet Explorer. There are many ways to change the format of the screen, and you can do some of them by accident.

The first place to try in 'View' (top left of the screen). Click on View, which will give you a
drop-down menu. The top line is 'Toolbars'. Move the mouse over this for another drop-down menu, which contains the Address Bar (or box). Click on this to remove the address box if you have it, or bring it back if you have lost it. There are other parts of the screen to lose or bring back. Please don't change the look of any computer which you share with other people. It's not fair on them!

If this doesn't work, try moving the mouse to between the top of the webpage and the bars at the top of the screen. When the mouse becomes a double-headed arrow, you can click or drag it up (to remove some of the bars) or down (to bring them back if you lost them). You can also try doing the same at the far left of the screen, or anywhere else where you see the double-headed arrow.

If the bottom bar is up the side of the screen instead of where it should be, point to it with the mouse, and
click and drag it to its correct place.

Another place to reset the look of the screen is in 'Settings'. Click on the 'Start' button (in the bottom left hand corner of the screen), then on 'Settings'. There is a good choice of things to change, but be careful. Only change one thing at a time, and if you don't like it, or your computer no longer works the way you expect, change it back!
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